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The cost of applying for ACTEFLC accreditation is $1,800 for the first course submitted then $1,200 per subsequent course(s). If agreed the accreditation will last for 5 years.

There will be an annual accreditation maintenance fee of $210. This annual accreditation maintenance will include the assessment of any program/course changes during the accreditation period.

After 5 years, or following a major change to the course structure and/or content, an application for renewal of accreditation (present fee: $1,800/$1,200) will be required. If necessary, what constitutes a major change in course structure and/or content may be determined in consultation with ACTEFLC. Applications for more than one similar TEFL/TESL/TESOL course at the same time, where there is some commonality of course structure and content, will attract a discount.

ACTEFLC will invoice your institution for payment. Please include payee details (including Purchase Order no, if required) on your ACTEFLC Accreditation Application form. Payment will be processed only when an institution's ACTEFLC Fully Accredited TEFL Course Provider status has been successfully achieved.

In the case of a formal appeal set forth by the institution a fee of $150 will be payable, which will be refunded should the appeal be successful.

All fees quoted are in USD.

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